This page has been set aside for snapshots of forest life, verbal and visual.

If you have a story, a memory or a moment that for you brings the forest to life, we’d love to hear it.

Just let us know and we’ll see how best to record it for the website.

 And we start with a riveting record of life as it's been lived - in and under the forest - for the past three quarters of a century.


Latest News

 WE HAD TWO GREAT EVENINGS IN ONE WEEK! The Young Poets' cup runneth over! Mitcheldean Primary School fantastic on Wednesday and a special farewell to Head Teacher, Julia Dowding - who has always been there for us. And Jolter Press on Friday - great venue, full house and forest poetry at its best - headlined by Dick Brice and Keith Morgan. WE'RE PUTTING MITCHELDEAN ON THE MAP! Article from The Forester Newspaper 30th October 2019